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Cice on Senior Year, High School Confidential

My senior year was… everything I wanted it to be. I was able to raise my GPA by being able to take tough classes yet have the time to find a job and try to stay fit with the cross country and track team. My boyfriend of two years Michael and I ran for homecoming king and queen, and even though we didn’t win we had fun participating in all the senior events and spirit week.

I learned that high school isn’t supposed to be the best time of my life. Mr. Alonso said this at graduation and Brad Paisley mentioned it at his concert that I attended at Wrigley field on June 9th. Though my ups and downs in high school I learned that friends come and go and being outside of the drama is better than being inside, even though you sometimes feel left out. I would rather feel left out than feel angry over something stupid because I can always make more friends who aren’t involved in drama

I think if I could change one thing about my high school experience I would change the way I acted my freshman year because I was very naive when it came to friends. I could have also done much better with my grades.

I would say to everyone entering high school to be true to themselves and not to force themselves to fit in because that just leads you into a lot of trouble… not that I would know or anything. When I say be true to who you are I mean be your dorky self and don’t let people put you down because of that. For example, I like to talk to my dogs and people think I’m weird, but that makes me special and unique and keeps me true to myself.