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Cierra on Freshman Year, Filming High School Confidential

I’m fun, and at times I can be… I don’t know… like weird! And I like being weird, and I’m shy around certain people, but after I get to know them better I’m very outgoing. I like to act, and dance, and sing most of the time. I like to hang out with my sister. She’s really funny and crazy!

My classes this year were boring in the beginning, and they were hard, but as the year went on they got easier because of the people in the classes and they got interesting. The hardest part about this year was actually getting close to people, and wanting to get to know them because I’m someone who likes to keep to herself. I really don’t like people very much. I was most excited to start high school and being in a whole new place- somewhere, I don’t know, basically the classes and how we get to switch classes by ourselves. I learned this year that I can be outgoing when I want to be, and I learned that I’m a very nice person!

I hope to discover that I can actually meet my goals and accomplish them. One of my major goals is to graduate high school and another one is to become an actress before I’m too old!  If I have a problem or need advice, I actually call my younger cousin and ask her for advice because she listens and gives me feedback in a strange way, where she doesn’t really talk, but I can understand her and she understands me.