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Cierra on Junior Year, High School Confidential

I’m about to be a mother. I’m 8 months pregnant and anxious to meet my baby girl. The only thing I am most scared of when thinking about junior year is the ACT. I’m really a lot more nervous than I am scared. I am most excited about the end of junior year, lol. The ending of junior year only means that a few months after that I will be a senior!

My goals in life are to finish high school (and finish on time) and to try my best to give my daughter the best life I possibly can.

For me, peer pressure is definitely not tough to handle because at school I don’t hang around with just anybody. I surround myself with others that have the same morals for themselves as I do and who are concerned about what is best for them.

I have discovered that I am definitely more forward and blunt than I thought I was. I am better; I’m not as shy as I was a while ago. I think I’ve finally learned that you have to have a voice to get by in this world.

I really value advice from my mother. I was never really that close to my dad in order to ask him for advice on anything. I really value my mom’s opinion and what she has to say mainly because while growing up she was the only one who ever told me right from wrong. She was the only one I HAD to listen to because I grew up as the oldest and only girl in my household. I had no one else to talk to about girl type things like every other little girl. The only one I could identify with was my mother.