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Cierra on Sophomore Year

This school year has to be THE best school year I’ve had so far. It’s the exact opposite of my freshman year. I became closer with my mom, I’ve maintained decent grades all year, and best of all is that my depression is basically gone! This year I thought that my classes would be tough, but they really weren’t! They were actually more simple and easier to understand; this was also a plus considering that I’m not depressed anymore.

One thing that was kind of an issue for me this year was… yes, I have to admit it, BOYS! They are a handful to think about. This year there were a few boys in particular, one of whom was my “crush” ever since I started freshman year, one who basically stalked me the whole school year, LOL, and another one who was just too cute to ignore.

I resolved with myself that they weren’t more important than my education and decided to just focus on my work. All in all, this year really worked out in my favor. All I can say is, “I cant wait ’til next year!”