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Kat on Sophomore Year

The summer before sophomore year, I chilled with friends and worked as a volunteer for the park district. The best part of the summer was hanging out with my friends and being able to go swimming at my house. The first thing I thought this going into this school year was, “Am I going to fail this year??”

So far, my sophomore year has been pretty hard. I was pretty sure they were going to be easy. As far as friends go, when I started the school year I knew that not everybody would stay close, but the friends that mean the most stuck by my side and we worked through it all. I think the biggest change for me between freshmen and sophomore year physically was the fast that I lost 25lbs. I don’t really have a fear going into sophomore year… well, maybe passing. I think what I am MOST excited about heading into sophomore year is getting my permit!!!!

The best part of sophomore year was volleyball. It was an amazing year. I didn’t really have a worst part of the year and I like that I didn’t have problems. This summer I got a job; I became a lifeguard for the park district. I’m working at Independence Park, and yes I am getting paid! This year I also got my driver’s permit. I’m so excited to have my permit. I love to know that I get to drive and that I get to be the one to fix the cars. I think the biggest change in my personality this year was that I’ve become more down to earth. Something about myself that I would NEVER change would be my smile and my laugh. I am still in Girl Scouts; this year Girl Scouts was calm and a lot of fun to be around the girls all the time. For next year, I hope to complete my gold award with my other friends.