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Lisa on Sophomore Year

This school year was pretty challenging for me. It was a little harder for me to apply myself because of all the friends that I have made and I couldn’t help but wanting to hang out with them all of the time. 

My classes were amazing, except for geometry and chemistry, of course. My geometry teacher was a kind man, but the whole year he was generous with rewarding me with my grade and I should have learned more than I did. Still, I will definitely be prepared for the ACT. Chemistry well, that was just a struggle and a half. As much as I tried to buckle down, it didn’t exactly work out…

I would not say that high school is competitive; maybe competitive to achieve good grades in order to be granted privileges from your parents, but not anything Olympic like…

Peer pressure is easy just say no and stick to your gut feeling. I have had to make the decisions to lay off of Facebook and texting in order to study, which is probably the hardest challenge so far.

I value advice from my parents, even though they don’t always tell me what I want to hear. But I know that they are advising me in my best interest. At the same time I like confiding in my friends and asking for their opinion because I feel like they would be on more relatable grounds, more able to understand me.

I have taken on new responsibility – a JOB!!!! I’m a lifeguard at Hartigan Beach and a proud employee of the Chicago Park District.

I am in swimming and water polo and I absolutely love training hard and long tiring practices! They make me feel accomplished and BA once I’m done with them (: I feel as if I have a one up on everyone, like, hey, guess what I did at 6 am while you were sleeping?