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Three Tips for Looking 10 Pounds Thinner

While eating a well-balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis are the healthiest ways to lose weight, there are a few fashion tricks that can also help you drop a few pounds…visually, anyway! Look leaner instantly by following these three sleek style tips.

Go with a firm fit

“My top tip for looking slimmer around all those difficult places—stomach, butt and hips—is to simply wear clothes that fit,” states Karen Elizaga, entrepreneur, executive life coach and author of Find Your Sweet Spot. Clothes that are baggy add extra weight to your frame. “And when clothes are too tight, they unintentionally unveil—and create—muffin tops, as well as a ‘puckering’ of fabric, especially around the bottom thigh area.” Elizaga suggests asking a trusted friend or partner for their fashionable opinion. “If he or she is unsure, take what I lovingly call a ‘selfie’ in the mirror showing the back, front and side views. After all, a picture never lies!”

Wear the right bra

Beauty and style expert Jene’ Luciani advises all women to have a professional bra fitting in order to determine your current bra size. “The proper bra is almost like a magic trick because it instantly cinches you in at your rib cages and pushes ‘your girls’ in and up, creating the illusion of a thinner frame,” she says. “If you’ve ever seen a woman whose breasts appeared to be ‘spread out’ or even flattened, this look was due to the wrong bra—and she always looks heavier than a woman who is in the right bra.”

Wrap it up…with a flare!

For those who are top heavy or bigger around the waist, a wrap styled shirt will camouflage flaws and create a waistline, says wardrobe stylist and image consultant Christie Maruka. “Keep away from skin tight tops that show every bulge. Instead, choose a flattering blouse or tunic top that will hide some imperfections.” Also, if you don’t fall under the super-thin category, Maruka suggests switching from skinny jeans to flare jeans. “A flare leg or boot cut will elongate your legs and give your proportions a better balance,” she states. “And opt for darker denim and larger back pockets since small, far apart pockets will make your butt look bigger.”