About Milan

Milan is Kenyatta’s personal assistant and the youngest of the Bella René team.

Her proudest achievement is her degree in Biology from Clark Atlanta University. Milan has always had her eye on fashion and continues to be torn by her parent’s wish that she go to dental school.

Milan’s parents met in the army and she was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her parents divorced and remarried, so Milan has six step-siblings. As a child, Milan was usually singing or playing dress up. Shoes and accessories have always been her “thing”.

This single beauty is working to drop some of the pounds she’s gained since working at Bella René. Milan considers her plus-size to be temporary and she doesn’t let anything keep her from looking fabulous. Milan is Kendra’s cousin and has known Kenyatta for six years. She has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to give Kenyatta a different perspective on, well, everything–even if it drives Kenyatta crazy.