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ON THE MENU: Ventures and Vows

Can Chef LP and Ana have their cake and eat it too? It is possible for The Pink Tea Cup to come back together as a family again after all that’s happened between the staff and Thandi? WE can’t answer these questions, but we can assure you, tonight’s menu is packed with to-die-for dishes.

Getting two major commitments from Lawrence in just one week might be unheard of, but Ana makes it look easy. Between her Miami dreams manifesting before her eyes and signing the dotted line to become an official business partner of The Pink Tea Cup, there’s just enough spice to put some pep back in Ana’s step, even with Thandi lingering in the background. With the right amount of cream and spice, this dish is best served with something as salty as Thandi on the side.

In a last-ditch effort to re-staff the PTC Brooklyn, Lawrence invites Candice in to squash the beef once and for all between her and Ana. Good thing it’s chicken on the menu, because the beef between Ana and Candice is overcooked. All WE can say is, TGIWW (Thank God It’s Waffle Wednesday).

Lawrence has decided to come clean to Ana, but timing is everything (and his isn’t good). When he drops a huge bomb amidst a fancy horse-drawn carriage date, Ana tosses him out on the street. Will Ana be ordering dessert for one here on out?