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Bride Thought ‘Do-Over’ Sounded Too Good To Be True

So here it goes!
Hi, my name is Tashia. I’m a 36 year old mother of four from Klamath Falls, Oregon. I am a certified Medical Laboratory Specialist by trade, and a full time mother by choice, which is the hardest and the most rewarding career by far that any woman would ever desire…and I love it!! My kids and family are my world!
When we heard of, and were actually found by, WE tv’s “I Do Over” casting directors, we felt as though something so wonderful as this, wouldn’t even be remotely possible for us. The whole thought of a do-over sounded too good to be true. You see, our first wedding (which is completely forgotten about now thanks to WE tv) was a complete and utter disaster from beginning to end! It all started with the dress…wrong, all wrong. The price, the style and the entire dress-buying experience were awful. I ended up paying twice as much as budgeted. I felt pressured in every way to pick a dress that I didn’t love! It was rushed and I just didn’t feel like it was THE ONE…not to mention the bridal store promised to have it completed in plenty of time, and was only finished days before the wedding. : ( 
The venue was awful. It was a place that could’ve been awesome and had great potential, but ended up dirty, cluttered, dark, hot, and still decorated with Christmas lights in May!! Again, we were promised one thing and given another, by many, many people through that whole experience. And we were greatly at a disadvantage being 75 miles away. It made it really hard to make the final arrangements. We trusted that the cake lady, the florist, the caterer and the venue owner, who said he was going to make it perfect for us, but we were seriously let down.

It was so dark in there, none of the pictures turned out. It was so hot in there the cake melted and almost fell over completely. My dad showed an hour late, the music wasn’t cued correctly so it went on and on. The flowers were orange instead of pink. The actual wedding did not go like the rehearsal at all…still not sure why! And last but not least, my husband Wes passed out, not once, but twice, right in the middle of our vows. Talk about embarrassing!! But what was I to do, other than suck it up and laugh it off!
I wanted to change everything in the do-over!! The dress, venue, food, flowers, cake, music, decorations and lighting, and a new photographer to capture the most amazing day of my life!
I feel like getting it right this time would give Wes and me a chance to start over on the right foot. Do our marriage and our relationship knowing that we could trust each other always and never ever let each other down. That is sooo important! I’m tired of feeling let down and I’m sure he’s tired of it, too!
Working with Diann Valentine, our wedding planner, was such an amazing experience!! In the beginning, Wes and I were a little frightened and worried about everything turning out. But I tell ya, that lady knows her business!! It was by far the most nerve-wracking, satisfying, most awesome experience of my entire life!
The planning process was crazy!! In the beginning when we first met Diann, she asks us our desires and dreams. Then she gave every little bit of it to the artists and they all worked their magic! From the flowers to the design, from the cake to the venue, EVERYTHING was so perfect! So, needless to say, it was all our idea with a million enormous amazing twists!
WOW!! Is all I can say about the reveal! I have never in my life been so nervous, shaking like crazy, and tearful about the reveal! It was all just so perfect, we were completely blown away! It was more than perfect!! The colors were exactly the way I had imagined them, the lighting was fabulous, the ceremony was amazing in every way from the doves to the bird cage, the music to the vows, the candle lighting to how everyone looked so completely amazing…including my hot groom! And to see my family and friends faces and have them all experience this most wonderful occasion was priceless!
The wedding re-do was a huge celebration!! There was reason to party the night away, unlike the last one! lol The last wedding ended around 8 pm, with not too many people dancing and having a blast. We had imagined being up and partying until the wee hours of the am! At least this time, we had so much fun!! Everyone danced and had a great time! And we, Wes and I and all the kids, had a blast!!!
I proudly announce that we will be celebrating a new anniversary day, March 28! We are so completely satisfied with the do-over and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. It gave us the chance to start things out the right way! We now know that we can always trust one another and will never ever let each other down again. I no longer feel like I got let down and embarrassed, and Wes doesn’t ever have to feel that way again either! Since the wedding re-do, our relationship has gotten stronger, more loving, and brought us closer together than ever before! We feel like we can count on each other and be there to support each other, leaving all obstacles behind us. This is such a wonderful feeling that we are both so thankful for! We’ve been blessed.
Filming in the beginning was just weird. A little nervous at first…but we both became very comfortable with cameras and didn’t mind them at all. It helped that we loved our camera crew! We got pretty close and knew each other by name, we laughed and made it super fun! It was really neat to have the camera crew follow us around! It made me feel pretty important and special. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remind me that it really happened to us! We could not believe that in our wildest dreams that something that grand and wonderful would happen to us. We are forever grateful for making that the most memorable experience of our lives. And we’ve become quite the actors!! lol
What you can expect from Wes and me in this series is honesty and true love. Wes said to me years ago, about a year after we started dating, “I always wondered what you’d look like…” He made my heart melt then and still does. I think the most important thing you can do in a relationship is be honest and spend quality time together. Life gets in the way sometimes, but you have to know that you still enjoy one on one time together, and the kids will be out of the house before we know it! Keep the spark alive, always be there for each other, and laugh and love with all your hearts!