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“Challenging To Design Her Dream Wedding,” Says Diann

It was lovely meeting the Owen’s as they both are very sweet. However, I was a bit surprised that Tashia still seemed to be so sad about Wes fainting at their wedding even though it had been five years since their first wedding. He is naturally a fairly shy man and suffers from anxiety attacks when he gets really nervous or flustered. So standing at the altar and being quite nervous, Wes fainted not once but twice during his first wedding.

Wes’ fainting was embarrassing for both he and Tashia. After the ceremony they were a bit nervous about it happening again so they did not get a chance to enjoy any of their reception. Also, they live in a very small town and Wes continued to be the ‘talk of the town’ and everyone’s favorite laugh when people talked about their wedding.

Tashia wanted a fairytale wedding and gave me lots of traditional ideas but of course I put my own spin on her dream wedding and created a forest of cherry blossom trees with a stunning crystal ‘wow’ factor smack dab in the middle of this historical building in Downtown Los Angeles.

Wes’ fainting and terrible lighting destroyed their first wedding. So I decided to take Wes to a yoga master to learn some tips about how to deal with his nervousness and anxiety. Also their first wedding was set in a dark lodge and I brought this new wedding to life beautifully with lots of amazing lighting.

The first wedding appeared to be held in some sort of lodge. It was dark with Christmas lights hanging everywhere and it had a very old feeling to it. The ‘do over’ is fresh and glamorous and full of life.

Filming this episode was interesting. Tashia is not used to anyone doing anything for her or being treated like a Princess and it was very difficult for her to trust me which made it more challenging to design her dream wedding.