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Diann Helps Shy Couple Break Out Of Their Shell

Jennifer and Ian are two of the quietest people I have ever met in my life. I felt like I was more excited about their ‘do over’ then they were so I knew I was going to have to do something to help these two come out of their shells.

At their first wedding, a fire broke out in the attic of the building where they held their ceremony and everyone had to evacuate the building. Their wedding was cut short and after standing in the parking lot for over two hours, they were told that their wedding reception could not continue and it was over.

Jennifer and Ian both have a love and appreciation for art so I designed their ‘do over’ like an art gallery. I used lots of vintage furnishings to re-design a loft space in downtown LA. Textiles and florals were used to create artistic designs that were framed and hung on the walls throughout the loft. It was a stunning environment but remained simple and elegant like my couple.

A fire ruined their first wedding so I wanted to re-introduce fire into the new wedding to help them see how fire could be their friend. Fire pits, flaming cocktails and fire dancers helped this couple celebrate their love again. Also because they are both so shy no one heard them recite their vows so I called on an acting coach to help them learn some tips about how to project their voices.

The first wedding was simple. They used very little color and other than the paper decorations that Jen’s sister created, it was not a creative environment at all. The new wedding was an environment that was much more fitting for an artist and his bride.

Filming the Pepple’s episode was a lot of fun. They both were so shy and quiet and it forced me get creative with my ideas of how to understand what they really wanted in their do over.