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Diann: “I Wanted To Reach Out And Hug Tracy”

Having watched this couple’s disaster tape, I felt like I already knew them when I arrived at their front door. Knowing what Tracy had gone through, I just wanted to reach out and hug her.

Jason Carstensen has a rather rare heart condition that causes his heart rate to shoot up very quickly when he gets nervous or anxious. It shot up quickly during their first wedding and Jason fainted and flat-lined for a short amount of time. Once his heart rate came down, he regained consciousness and he and Tracy finished the ceremony with Jason sitting in a chair. The paramedics rushed to the scene and warned Jason against any dancing, drinking or heavy activity for the remainder of the wedding. When they returned from their honeymoon, Jason had a pacemaker installed to control his heart condition.

Unlike many of the brides that received a “Do Over”, Jason and Tracy’s disaster was truly out of their control. I don’t know what they could have done differently to avoid this outcome.

Tracy and Jason are very elegant and I knew they could carry off the sophistication of a wedding set on a Downtown Los Angeles rooftop. The setting was glamorous and stunning as I designed their ‘do over’ to be one large party that overlooked the Los Angeles skyline. They were married in the middle of this party and then the party just continued around them.

Jason’s rare heart condition ruined their first wedding and I wanted to re-introduce a heart into the design of their celebration. However, I did not want a perfect symmetrical heart so instead I designed an imperfect heart-shaped gate that would be the gateway as Tracy made her way to Jason. It was imperfect in design but perfect for Tracy…just like Jason’s heart.

The first wedding was sweet and simple but I knew that these two would be better suited in a more glamorous setting rather than a very traditional wedding like their first one.

Filming this episode was such a treat. I got to know Tracy and Jason quite well and spending time with them was so much fun. The best part of this episode is that I knew Tracy trusted me 100% and when I get that kind of trust from a bride it inspires me to do more to make sure her dream day exceeds her wildest expectations.