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Diann Keeps Tsunami Away For This ‘Do-Over’

I instantly fell in love with Jung and Victor. Victor seemed a bit more reserved and cautious but Jung’s laugh had me hooked at the surprise. She seemed carefree and full of life. Although it was evident that she had a Type-A personality and was used to controlling everything, I knew that I could win her over and ultimately give her something that far exceeded her expectations.

Jung and Victor’s first wedding was destroyed by gale force winds and thunderstorms that slammed the California coast in the midst of tsunami warnings. The winds were so strong and their outdoor reception in a canopy was hit hard. All of the guests were getting soaked during the raging storm and some of the guests had to grab a hold of the tent poles to keep the canopy from blowing away. After a few hours of the wind getting progressively worse, Victor decided to end the reception out of concern for everyone’s safety. Jung was devastated.

Jung and Victor certainly could have went with a rain plan and moved their reception indoors but they did not think a tsunami would hit California…in fact it is hard for me to believe that this occurred. The fact is that their wedding was destroyed by an act of God and there is no messing with Mother Nature.

The new wedding was a magical environment at a gorgeous private estate in Malibu. Jung and Victor’s biggest fear was hosting another outdoor wedding but I showed them that when it is done right, an outdoor setting can be a stunning setting for a wedding. Jung always wanted an ocean-view and that is exactly where I placed the new wedding only this time we were far enough away from the ocean that tsunami warnings – should it happen again – would not affect us at all.

Gale force winds destroyed the Tumbaga’s first wedding so I re-introduced wind as a creative design element. They entered their reception after walking through a wind tunnel.

The first wedding had a nautical theme because there color palette of navy and yellow was used too literal. I showed Jung how to infuse her favorite colors into an environment that will allow them to be a great complement rather than a sore thumb. And most importantly, never fight the architecture.

Shooting I Do Over was a dream come true for me. I love that we were not granting first weddings because my brides had a different take on the new wedding and were willing to leave some of the tradition behind and define their love stories on their own terms. Jung and Victor were a fun couple that really trusted me. She allowed me to push the envelope a bit and help her to discover her own voice and doing that is the best reward of all!