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“Filming ‘Old Hollywood’ Wedding Fulfilling In So Many Ways”

Dana and Mike are wonderful. I had an immediate personal connection with Dana when I showed up at her front door. I enjoyed giving a ‘Do Over’ to a couple that had been married for 18 years because that kind of commitment and dedication alone deserves a new celebration.

The previous party did not go as planned. Dana’s bridesmaid dresses were made by a friend but they never showed up to the wedding. After waiting for over two hours for them to arrive, Dana’s grandmother suggested that the ladies don the men’s tuxedo shirts during their very conservative ceremony at a local church. The shirts allowed the wedding to go on but not without Dana becoming the ‘butt’ of everyone’s jokes. As a new young bride, Dana was extremely upset that the dresses never showed up and she was not able to get past it. In all of her photos from the wedding she was in tears and subsequently did not develop any of them from her first wedding. Sometimes accepting a favor from a friend is not the best way to get things accomplished for your wedding. Paid professionals tend to be just that.

Her second wedding was a completely different story. The final reveal was stunning. Dana wanted a wedding that was reminiscent of a night at the academy awards so I took them back to ‘old Hollywood’ when glamour and sophistication reigned supreme.

18 year later and Dana was still upset about the missing bridesmaid dresses so I decided to put this memory to bed once and for all. All of the girls and I had a burial for that dreaded bridesmaids dress and sent it up in flames after selecting the new custom gowns that the girls would wear this time around. Also since they did not have any photos from their first wedding, I brought in famed photographer Mike Colon and designed a Vanity Fair set for him to capture memories that they would be proud of.

The first wedding was very conservative and a day filled with tears. The new wedding was a day filled with jubilee and gratitude and 18 years later – this couple was able to share this experience with their three young boys…priceless!

Filming this episode was fulfilling in so many ways. I cheered for them and prayed for them and was equally excited for them to experience the wedding they never had. We are kindred spirits and I felt as though we were assigned to meet in each other’s lives during this special time. The love that Dana and Mike share is contagious and I know they left a little of their love with me and I will forever be grateful.

What can you expect from me in this series? You will see my own interpretation of an ‘old Hollywood’ inspired wedding environment that still bucks tradition giving it a fresh perspective. You will see how flattering it can be when a bride looks outside of the white color wheel when selecting her wedding dress. Also since they had no photos they were proud of, you will see what happens when I create a ‘Vanity Fair’ style photo shoot with them with one of the world’s most prominent wedding photographers.