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From Cold Feet to Food Poisoning: The Top 10 Wedding Disasters

Unfortunately, not every bride has the wedding of her dreams. From a tasteless best man’s speech to red wine splashed on a $2,000 dress, some of us have memories we’d rather forget.

But if you could do it all over again, would you?

On Sunday, November 13 at 10|9c, world-renowned wedding designer Diann Valentine will give couples a chance to re-do their ceremony on the season premiere of WE tv’s new series I Do Over.

Here are 10 wedding disasters that can ruin your big day … and whether we deem them do-over worthy or not:

1. The groom (or bride) doesn’t show up

Do-over worthy: Obviously! A case of cold feet is one thing, but if you’ve got a getaway groom or a runway bride, you deserve a do-over — with a new fiancé!

2. You ruin your dress or another key accessory

Do-over worthy: Unfortunately, if there’s a stain on your dress or a hole in your veil, the show must go on as planned. And with a little strategic blotting, pinning and hemming, no one will ever notice!

3. Someone (usually the best man) makes an offensive speech

Do-over worthy: A tacky speech can totally ruin an otherwise joyous occasion. Be sure to warn the best man not to mention sex, drugs or alcohol (or anything from those wild college days). It’s a toast — not a roast!

4. The officiant doesn’t show up

Do-over worthy: If there’s no “back-up” available to make it official, than yes, we’d say you deserve an “I Do Over.”

5. It rains on your big day

Do-over worthy: If your beautiful outdoor wedding is rained out (or moved inside to an ugly conference room), we’d say you deserve another chance to have the wedding of your dreams. But if you’re just hung up on the “bad omen” factor, get over it.

6. Someone gets too drunk/there’s a fight

Do-over worthy: The alcohol runs fast and freely at most weddings, which can lead to some ugly scenarios. If it’s a minor incident, let it go and keep smiling. But if Uncle Joe and Cousin Kurt came to blows on the dance floor, you’d probably love to start from scratch.

7. The music is bad/no one dances

Do-over worthy: Nothing says “This wedding bombed” more than an empty dance floor. If your band or DJ really let you down, you might want to try again with some new tunes.

8. Your guests come down with food poisoning

Do-over worthy: A wedding that requires Alka-Seltzer will quickly fizzle out. Your guests are spending a pretty penny to celebrate with you — the least you can do is provide them with a decent meal.

9. You pass out due to starvation/nerves

Do-over worthy: Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for brides to feel faint, whether it’s from nerves or from eating too little to fit into that corset. Make sure you stay calm (and eat well) in the days leading up to your big one, and save yourself the expense of having to do it all over again.

10. The officiant says, “Speak now or forever hold your peace” — and someone actually says something!

Do-over worthy: This tends to happen (a lot) more often on TV and in the movies than in real life, but if your ex-boyfriend really does shout out that the two of you belong together, you might want to sign up for a do-over, stat.