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Third Time’s A Charm

Hey WE tv! I’m Lindsy and I am 26 years old. Since the show has aired I have quit my job as a freelance hairstylist, and have taken the role of a stay at home housewife. I have to admit at first I thought that it would be so boring to stay home and cook and clean, but my adventures as “the stay at home house wife” have proven to be quite entertaining!

I met Reid almost ten years ago when I was in high school.  He was actually dating my ex-best friend (not ex for the reason you may think). Any way throughout the years we remained very close and eventually started dating. Now as you get to know me you may notice some of the crazy things I get myself into. So on that note, my wedding story starts here…

On July 10, 2010 I went out with my girlfriends for a typical American Batulerette party. I was one of those girls who absolutely lived in high heels! On this night, however I decided to go with the cutest pair of platform shoes instead of the typical stilettos. We went to dinner and as we were leaving the restaurant I stepped on some ice that was spilled buy a dancer and down I went! On the plunge down, I could feel every bone in my leg break as I hit the floor!

As my friends helped me up, I was bombarded by a HUGE, juiced out, bouncer who threw me over his shoulder and carried me outside like a sack of potatoes!!! After plopping me down in a chair outside, he proceeded to tell me I was drunk and I needed to leave. I was like “look roid-o, We just got here and I think I broke my leg!” So I called my hubby-to-be to pick me up because I was sure I needed to go to the hospital.  After Reid picked me up, he too decided to tell me that I was drunk and I just needed to sleep it off.

Now I’m not sure what was wrong with these men. Maybe it was my hysterical crying, or my loud shouting “my leg, my leg!” but I assure you we had not been there long enough for me to be drunk!

So make a long story short, I slept on my leg insistent to prove to my hubby-to-be that I was strong and I could make it though the night (The long, Sleepless, night) if had to.

When he woke up in the morning I once again informed him that I needed to go to the hospital. He saw the bone (All but sticking out of my leg) and he finally took me. Now this may sound harsh of my husband but, to understand his reasoning of waiting all night you really have to know me. Then you would understand the craziness!

Once at the hospital the doctor “broke” the news to me that it was indeed broken in three different places. To his surprise I started once again hysterically crying. Then the doctor says “everything will be fine as long as you don’t, Walk, dance, or swim.” Because I was still hysterically crying Reid informed him that we were getting married in a week and I should be walking down the isle, dancing our first dance, and swimming on our honeymoon…Not to mention I had no medical insurance to pay for my three broken bones.

After prescribing me a very important prescription for pain they discharged me.

So back to the wedding story…

Reid, being the provider that he is, decided that we needed to get married right away (for insurance reasons). So On July 12, 2010 Reid’s dad, my “baby-sitter” at the time, woke me up from my pain killer dreams and said “get up you’re gonna get married”. Then Reid came home and we rushed off to the county judge for wedding number one.

Next up on the list of events is my second wedding.  I always dreamed I would marry my best friend, Reid.  I not only got to marry him once, but three times. Marrying him is a dream come true. Let’s talk about wedding number two…

So many things went wrong with my second wedding. I always wanted to have a butterfly release. I thought it would signify our free spirits. Unfortunately when the butterfly’s arrived at my house, they were dead. We wanted a sit down dinner, “Surf & Turf”!  That quickly turned into a buffet, because of budget constraints.  We didn’t receive enough chairs, so all my guests had to carry their own chairs to the reception. My seamstress did a beautiful job on the hem on my dress; though you couldn’t see it because most of the time I was in a wheel chair. She left some of her pins in my dress, so I was literally sitting on pin’s poking me in the butt!  The WORST officiant on earth! He made comments to my family that actually made my family not want to take part in my wedding. There’s also a long list of other things that he did, that I am sure you don’t want to hear about.

As I was saying, lots of things went wrong with my second wedding. I’m not one to concentrate on the negative things. As you get to know me you might see that I am always, always HAPPY! So lots of bad things happened in wedding number two. I still got to marry my dream man, and without all those things that went wrong, I never would have ended up on “I Do Over” with the fabulous Diann Valentine!

Diann Valentine surprised us at our front door. It was like she swooped us up into this whirlwind of an emotional journey exploding with excitement! Every day was a new surprise, filled with amazing opportunities! Reid, with the help of Diann, made all my wedding dreams come true…

The first day in the wonderful world of Diann Valentine, started off much like all the other days to follow. I heard a knock at the door and began screaming, all but jumping into Diann’s arms. I was swept off, for a day of shopping. Walking into more surprises at Alfred Angelo with my mother and my maid of honor, Nicole. Then all of my bride’s maids walked in and joined us! Wow what a day!

The whole week was amazing, roof top lunches, trays of shoes, day spa’s “With the one and only Sonya Dakar!!!!”, meetings in Diann’s fab office, working with a artist on a family crest, and top it all off with an awesome dance lesson! It was truly a week that only happens in fairy tails, and we haven’t even gotten to the wedding yet!

When they put in me in a limo with blacked out windows, I wasn’t sure what to think! All I knew was what to expect…. the unexpected. The day flew by so fast, with one surprise after another. But when Diann opened those doors at the Hyatt. I lost it! Walking down the isle and seeing Reid’s words to me was amazing because we really don’t tell each other how we feel. We just assume the best, and Reid’s words just consumed me. I felt so blessed, that I did actually choose the best person for me. It was the most amazing day of my life!

Diann captured my every dream. The room was amazing! My mom even said that that room “was so me”! All of my favorite colors, the butterfly’s on the screen, not to mention Krys Ivorys singing for our first dance, and my “fairy tale under the sea wedding” was my fantasy come true. The most important part of the night to me (besides being with Reid) was getting up to socialize with all my guests. All the feelings that I didn’t get to feel at my last wedding were so important to me. Diann went above and beyond, and she gave me the most amazing week. A week I will never forget!

Thank you to my mother who worked so hard at my first wedding, David and my amazing family, my wonderful husband, my new in-law’s, all of my devoted friends, the Crew, the network, and of course Diann and her amazing team for making my dreams come true!