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Wedding Was A “Well Executed Masterpiece — Valentine Style!”

It was love at first site meeting Lindsy. When she opened the door and saw me standing there, she immediately started screaming. It was surreal because she knew that when she saw me it was going to be good news. Also, Lindsy is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She just sees the positive side in everyone and everything and it has served her well.

A few days before Lindsy and Reid’s first wedding, Lindsy attended her Bachelorette party with some friends. She slipped on a spill on the dance floor at a night club and fell and broke her ankle is several places. She had to hobble down the aisle on crutches. However, this was only the beginning because there were several mini disasters with her wedding. Not all of the rental chairs arrived. They intended to honor their loved ones with live butterflies but when they went to release them from the box, they were all dead. She expected a sit-down dinner from her caterer but received a buffet. The Jennings had to cancel their honeymoon because Lindsy had to have surgery on her ankle shortly after the wedding.

Breaking her ankle was only the beginning of Lindsy’s disasters. As sweet as she is, her story proves why wedding planners are so valuable to couples getting married. There are a myriad of details that go into planning a wedding and many of the mishaps could have been avoided by hiring a professional to handle all of the details.

The final reveal on this episode was incredible. Lindsy had big dreams for her wedding and she wanted a beachy, chic, underwater inspired environment with lots of bling. In essence she wanted another mix of 1,000 ideas but I refined them into a well executed masterpiece – Valentine Style!

Lindsy’s broken ankle ruined her experience at her first wedding so I had to make sure that this walk down the aisle was nothing less than magical. Elegant harpists, a 200 + foot walk and a personal love letter ushered Lindsy to her groom. And an amazing walk is not complete without an amazing pair of shoes.

The first wedding was a hodge podge of poorly executed ideas. Lindsy spent the day watching other people have a good time and her mother was running around all day trying to make sure everything was perfect. The new wedding was a seamless blend of Lindsy’s wedding dreams flawlessly executed and she and Reid were able to enjoy their party along with their family and friends without any of them doing any work.

Filming the Jennings episode was a lot of fun but also created some significant design challenges. My big ideas were not easy to execute and it took the entire team to pull them off. There were a couple of times that I thought, “OK I know that something is going to fall apart but in the end, the stars aligned and we were able to create magic once again.”