D. Micah Lindsey

About D. Micah Lindsey

D. Micah Lindsey, a native of Cleveland Ohio has always aspired to achieve greatness in every area of his life. His creative genius is evident in his ability to take an idea from conception, and produce a final product which often exceeds the expectations of it’s target audience.   Upon completion of college, D. Micah moved to Chicago, Illinois where he owned and operated an events business that specialized in producing unreservedly chic & ultra savvy events on a budget.  A lover of textiles, colors & extravagant floral designs, D. Micah has learned how to skillfully merge all three into tasteful collaborations producing stunning visual works of art.

Believing firmly that life is a constant class room, D. Micah has taken various classes on fashion, interior design, event planning, & floral design.  He is currently in pursuit of his second degree (B.S in Management), but feels he will forever be a life long student of the “Art of Entertaining.”  When asked what philosophy best describes him, he simply says, “Oprah Winfrey says it best: My philosophy is not only am I responsible for my life, but I am also responsible for doing my best in every moment, because each moment prepares me for the next – as I  am on a constant evolutionary journey into my true authentic self.”

D. Micah joined D. R. Valentine and Associates (DRV) in late 2010 where he serves as the team’s family/wardrobe coordinator, as well as the client & vendor retention specialist.  Known for his overly dramatic approach to stressful situations, & many legendary catch phrases, like “Praise the Lord, & pass the Hot Sauce”, D. Micah’s contributions have been a tremendous asset to the DRV brand.

D. Micah currently resides in Los Angles, California where he is an avid patron of the arts, and enjoys spending time reading, cooking, & raising his two dogs, Bailey & Hailey! 

Be sure to keep in contact with D. Micah by following him through one or both of his social media pages:
FaceBook:  www.facebook.com/D.Micah.Lindsey
Twitter: @MrDMicah