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Infidelity Scandals Rock Joan Knows Best, Braxton Family Values

From Melissa Rivers’ unfaithful boyfriend Jason Zimmerman on Joan Known Best to Trina Braxton’s cheating husband Gabe Solis on Braxton Family Values, infidelity has been a recurring issue for WE tv’s reality families.

On Joan Knows Best, Melissa recently discovered — along with the rest of the world — that Jason had been cheating online during their long-term relationship.

“I’m finding out as everyone else…. For three years we were living together as a family…It turns out that Jason was living a different life,” Melissa said, according to “Jason said we were going to have a family. He coached Cooper’s teams. We were a family.”

Melissa got the scoop that Jason was cheating when celeb blogger Perez Hilton called to let Joan and Melissa know the story was breaking online. Melissa confronted Jason by phone.

“The Enquirer has a series of emails… so whoever you were corresponding with sold you out … So you were trolling with a couple on Craigslist? So you destroyed our lives for attention? … All you say is I’m sorry?” She added, “Obviously you never loved me… and you hurt Cooper and humiliated me.”

Later, Melissa spoke to The Insider about learning her relationship was a lie.

“There’s information in these emails that I didn’t know,” she said, adding that she threw her computer out the window upon being “totally blindsided” by the news.

Over on Braxton Family Values, we recently learned that Gabe has been having cyber-sex with a woman who has photos of his “manhood,” despite his repeated promises to clean up his act. Meanwhile, Trina participated in an “oral transaction” of her own.

So, is reconciliation possible for these couples? Here’s one ray of hope: Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his estranged wife Maria Shriver have been going to couples therapy to possibly work things out, despite their divorce proceedings (and the teenage love child he secretly fathered with their household employee), The New York Post reported.

But in a previous interview with WE tv, therapist Dr. Sherry Blake said it’s very difficult to recover from public infidelities.

“I think that once you have truly lost trust and repeatedly been hurt, what’s left?” Dr. Sherry said. “When things were somewhat private, you could really get in there and deal with the issues, but now that it’s on the Internet, it’s very difficult.”