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Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers on Episode 7: East Side Story

I’m back in New York and I’m happier than Winona Ryder in a department store with no security cameras because Melissa and Cooper are coming for a visit! That means I get to show them around New York, have them stay at my place, take them to my favorite restaurants, and show them off to my friends. As far as I’m concerned this visit is all about Melissa and Cooper. Melissa’s here on business, which means Cooper and I will have lots of “Grandma Time” or, as I call it, “fine-tuning the will”. I can’t wait to take Cooper to my favorite boutiques, introduce him to my old actor friends, and take him to a Broadway show– you know, the things every 10-year-old boy dreams of. I even promised Cooper we’d go “rock climbing”, whatever the heck that is. (Ah, these kids and their music!) Having Cooper here has given me an idea: The boy’s obviously a natural for the stage. So as long as he’s here, why not try to get him started in The Business? Well, other than the fact that if Melissa finds out she would probably kill me?