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Joan Rivers

The Best of Joan All Day Sunday

In memory of the comedy legend, we’re airing our favorite episodes of Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? this Sunday, September 7 starting at 10|9a. Don’t miss our tribute to this beloved star:


10|9a – High Times, Season 2, Episode 2
When Jason’s parents come to visit, Joan gives them a VIP tour of Hollywood. As the conversation runs dry, Joan grows desperate for a break. She calls Lynne, who has a scheme to get medical marijuana.

11|10a – A Very Public Affair, Season 2, Episode 6
Melissa discovers a secret about Jason. While Melissa’s relationship crumbles, Joan struggles to keep it together, with the help of Jason Alexander.

12p|11a – What Happened in Vegas? Season 2, Episode 10
Joan invites the whole gang to Vegas. Sabrina renews her wedding vows, and the girls have a wild bachelorette party. Melissa is set up on a blind date, and surprises Joan when they discuss the future.

1|12p – Taking Liberty, Season 3, Episode 3
The Rivers’ rent a rock star tour for a family vacation, but disaster ensues. Inspired by the 1st Amendment, Joan takes on a store that has banned her book and ends up in handcuffs.

2|1p – Sex Tape, Season 4, Episode 1
While a guest on Kris Jenner’s talk show, Joan decides that in order to build a Kardashian-sized empire she must make a sex tape. She actively pursues a co-star. Melissa struggles with the new man in her life.

3|2p – Blue Balls, Season 4, Episode 7
Melissa’s ex-husband stays overnight at her house for the first time since their divorce. Joan kisses a new female friend after a night out.