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Melissa Rivers on Episode 4: Joan on The Range

Yee-haw! It’s time for this city girl to get her Wyoming on! For the past few years Jason, Cooper and I have vacationed at a fabulous ranch in Wyoming for a week of ridin’, shootin’, fishin’, campin’, and anything else we can think of where you drop the ‘g’ at the end. But this year my Mom has decided to go with us, which certainly may not be the best idea. Don’t get me wrong: my Mom’s a tough cookie, but when it comes to living under primitive conditions and communing with nature without modern conveniences like room service or valet parking, my Mom just doesn’t have a clue. Look, I give Mom her props for having so much gumption, but I cant imagine her coming along with us for the horseback riding or the trout fishing without some catastrophe occurring. And as far as the skeet shooting goes, can you imagine anybody in their right mind putting a loaded shotgun in my Mom’s hands? That’ll be the day!