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Top 10 Mom Mottos

Growing up, your mother probably said a number of things to you over the years that may have sounded silly at times—and even more ridiculous now when you look back! And even though you might have said to yourself, “I’ll never say anything like that when I’m a parent!” chances are you’re probably coming out with a number of winning lines on a regular basis! For example, have you ever said to your child, “Because I said so?” Exactly!

Here are 10 more sayings that may sound familiar to you:

1. Wait until your father gets home!
Be honest—who hasn’t threatened their child with these words? When all else fails, throw all of the responsibility on dad!

2. If you don’t brush your teeth, they’re going to fall out!
Yes, even the best of us have resorted to these types of scare tactics in order to force our child to something he doesn’t want to do. And it usually works, too!

3. Are you afraid to flush the toilet?
When a question like this comes out of your mouth, do you sometimes think to yourself, “And to think I’m an intelligent person who can hold a job…”

4. Put on your coat—I’m cold!
You’re chilly, so your little one must be cold, as well. And looking at her in short sleeves is sending shivers down your spine!

5. Don’t get hurt!
Of course you don’t want your child to fall down and get hurt—and neither does he! But it makes you feel like a loving and protective parent for saying these words before he heads out the door, doesn’t it?

6. I’ve never had this job before!
When you’re having “one of those days” and you want to throw your hands up in the air, you may come out with this line. And there’s nothing like making a child feel secure than by telling her that you have very little idea what you’re doing when it comes to being a parent!

7. Go ahead and leave your clothes on the floor—they’ll be easier to find!
Face it—there have been times when you’ve been so sick and tired of repeating yourself that you’ve actually found the positive in something that disgusts you!

8. Do you want to drive me crazy?
And while this may be difficult to hear, the real answer to that question is most likely yes!

9. Don’t lie to me–I was born at night, but not last night!
When your child thinks he’s pulling a fast one on you, you may channel your inner Robert DeNiro and come out with a quick-witted, in-your-face line like this one!

10. You must get that from your father’s side of the family!
From a stubborn attitude to poor eating habits, any undesirable trait your child has acquired has got to be traced back to someone in their father’s family. After all, you have near-perfect DNA!