WE tv's original series Kendra On Top is back for a fourth season. From her busy home life as a loving wife and mother to her professional responsibilities as a model, a best-selling author and an entrepreneur, Kendra On Top follows the life of Kendra Wilkinson Baskett — part wild child, part global celebrity, part suburban housewife — and a full-time force of nature.

In Season 1 we watched as Kendra focused on her career, promoted her Love Candy collection, shot the LoCash Cowboys music video and prepared Little Hank for pre-school. We also watched her husband, Hank Baskett, make the transition from pro-football player to entrepreneur and entertainer.

In Season 2, we followed Kendra's adventures in the work/life balance game. She had to make tough decisions between her fabulous, fast-paced celebrity lifestyle and being at home with her family.

In Season 3: Just five weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Alijah, Kendra’s world is shattered. Hank is accused of having an affair with a transsexual model. Devastated by the incriminations, Kendra struggles to sort out any truth to the tabloid rumors of a tryst that allegedly happened when she was 8 months pregnant. Alone with two children, Kendra finds support from her close friend, Jessica. She attempts a reconciliation with her estranged mother after nearly a year of having no contact. But the question remains… Can Kendra trust Hank, who adamantly claims the accusations are false? With her family’s future at stake, Kendra must decide if she is willing to repair her marriage or begin a new life without Hank.

Now in Season 4, after spending a year focused on rebuilding her relationship with Hank, Kendra begins to question if marriage is right for her. Just weeks from her 30th birthday, Kendra leaves the drama behind and heads to London, where she makes appearances and reunites with several sexy single male friends. This re-awakens an urge in her to be wild and free. But when she returns home, she’s faced with the possibility that her antics may have forced her marriage to reach its breaking point.