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How Kendra Got Her Pre-Baby Body Back (Her Trainer Tells All!)

She’s slim and sexy now, but Kendra Wilkinson has said she looked like an “Oompa Loompa” after having baby Hank, gaining about 60 pounds and feeling “fat.” That is, until personal trainer Nicky Holender whipped the Kendra on Top star back into shape!

We asked the celeb trainer, who also works with Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls, Gordon Ramsay, Gerard Butler and Chris Harrison of The Bachelor, for the scoop on how he helped Kendra get her pre-baby body back, and what you can do to look like the former Playboy model!

Baby Hank was about 3 months old when I met Kendra for first time,” Holender tells WE. “She asked me to get her in shape after her baby, also because we were filming a workout DVD together (Be a Knockout With Kendra). We had about three months to get the weight off and get the DVD done,” he says.

Three months wasn’t a lot of time — especially given Kendra’s eating habits. “With Kendra, eating is a passion — she really likes her food. I didn’t take away everything she loves (she likes ribs and a good BBQ), but I did limit portions,” Holender reveals.

Holender decided to put Kendra on a diet of about five small meals a day, which suited her busy schedule. “I didn’t want her to have a big lunch, then crash and reach for bad food she shouldn’t be eating,” he explains.

Exercise also played a huge role in Kendra’s weight loss. “Kendra needed to expend as many calories as she could throughout the day — we were really trying to keep her heart rate elevated all the time and keep her moving. I also had to work around her busy schedule,” Holender says.
Once again, there were some limitations. “She’d had a C-section, and even though six weeks had gone by, we didn’t want to take chances,” Holender explains.

The game plan: Kendra’s workouts would be high intensity without being high impact, and include cardio movements, functional movements and interval training.

One of the best, most effective ways of getting weight down is to really do strong interval cardio training, which we did. I also wanted to strengthen her core to give her that connection back after her C-section, so we did a lot of core work,” Holender says.

After working out five days a week — not to mention the extra calories she burned breast-feeding and taking care of baby Hank! — Holender says Kendra lost all the baby weight.

I’m sure she would have liked to lose one or two more pounds — she’s a perfectionist — but she did great. She worked her butt off and really watched what she ate.”

And the pressures of being a sex symbol only helped Kendra slim down. “She’s highly motivated — she understands that this is her job. People want to see her life,” Holender says.

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