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Kendra Dishes On “Splash”

Finally I get to tell my side of the story. After I quit “Splash”, everyone had the same question, “Why did you even sign up girl?” So, in this episode I get to explain what happened, what was going through my mind and what they wanted me to do, so you’ll get to see the real emotion in front of the camera and behind the scenes of when I was told what I had to do and the way they wanted me to do it. I really do LOVE participating in reality shows. It’s so much fun for me and when “Splash” came about, I thought, ‘oh another reality show and it’s competitive, this is right up my alley. I’m an athlete, you know I can do it!’ Then I got there and was like, ‘Oops. What did I do? What did I get myself into?’ As you guys know, I did the first dive, which is the inward dive, and it was a dive I wasn’t even going to do but I did because my son gave me the encouragement and strength during the show.

Now, the second week of the show they wanted me to do some crazyyyyyyy [stuff] and jump into another contestant’s arms and do a jump off the 7 meter board. That right there is when I knew my journey ended. It was done for me. THEN when “Splash” called me back to do the finale jump almost as a do-over BUT this time it was to be in my husband’s arms. Which was actually sitting even worse with me! So you guys may have seen a little clip of me jumping into Hank’s arms at the end of the show but there was SO much more leading up to that jump. What I was feeling and the emotions going into it were so intense. Nothing could make this day more crazy. Oh wait, did I mention my little run in with an “ex-fling” at none other than Hank’s gym? Hank didn’t know about Shawne and of course I run into him at my husband’s gym. Worlds colliding here. That day I was supposed to jump into Hank’s arms off a diving board, so there was NO way in HELL I was going to tell him about running into Shawne earlier in the day. The only other person who knew about Shawne was Pat and he was the only person to help me decide if I was going to tell Hank or not.

At the end of the day, I did the jump with Hank and you’ll have to see what happens next with Shawne…