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Kendra On Episode 1: Workin’ It

I was so happy the show opened up the photoshoot. The photoshoot we did really represents who I am now. Playboy was my past but this shoot was who I am today. It was probably one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. You see a split second of me streaking but it went a LOT longer than that. I ran a lot longer and a lot further than what you saw haha! One of my favorite lines so far of this season is “I’m gonna grab life by the balls and suck it up” that I said in my meeting with Kira and Brian.

I’m a very free minded person compared to my team but I can’t be tamed! I’m excited that this season you guys will get to really see behind the scenes in my business. I’m also really excited that we are sharing with you guys what’s happening with Hank post football. It’s hard for a football player to end football so you guys will really get to see what happens behind closed doors when that happens. Hank is really coming into his own and adjusting well and in the rest of the season you will really get to see more of that. One of my favorite scenes from the show was girls night because the ride to club was more fun than the club! That’s the type of girls me and my friends are. Most of the time the ride to the club is more fun. It was definitely candid! Something you guys probably don’t know but wonder is where little Hank is while Hank and I film the interviews on the show. We time out the interviews so it’s during his nap and when the gardeners aren’t there. So every time you see Hank and I in an interview Little Hank is sleeping!