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Kendra on Episode 14: Picture Perfect

My girls and I were at a hot and poppin’ pool and we were obviously noticing the other girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love my body and I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come but being around all of these hot girls at the pool got me a TINY bit insecure and it made me think twice about what I was going to do for my Love Candy shoot.  I was worried about doing it myself so I was going to hire models to do it for me.  But my friends definitely helped me get past that thought and made me think I could actually do it. I love it when Hank tries to help me and make me feel good but I was going to be the one who had to feel it. While I was at the pool Hank was workin’ his ass off opening his new business! Off camera Hank and Travelle literally worked on that facility SO hard.  Some nights he would be getting off work at 4am because he had been working so hard!

It was SO awesome to see Steve again!  He has done some of my favorite photo shoots of my career. When I saw some of his olds photos of me it kind of gave me a boost of self confidence.  BUT I loved those old photos but they are A LOT different than who I am now.  Then I was a girl but now I am a woman.  Before I was selling tits and ass now I’m selling confidence and lingerie! Lol! Leaving there I knew I definitely wanted to do it myself but that meant I had to get my ass to the GYM! Crunch is a great gym in LA so I brought Jessica with me to get a good work out in and guess who I run into? My partner from DWTS LOUIS! After I wrote my book “Being Kendra” I never thought I would see him again… but there he was! He did bring up the book but I wasn’t THAT mean in the book 😉 Doing Dancing With The Stars I was out of my element and it was something I wasn’t used to so I had a hard time learning how to dance.  Louis being a true professional made it hard for us to see eye to eye sometimes.  He asked me to take his class and Jessica and I thought, why not?   It was actually fun taking the class. We had a great time!  Glad I got that dance class out of the way. Lol!

On the drive to the photo shoot I had an epiphany.  I really didn’t want a lot of hair and makeup done.  I wanted to stand out by being more natural.  It was really important for me to do this photo shoot with less hair and makeup because I really wanted to represent the real woman, the everyday woman, the working woman, the mom, the wife.  And let’s be honest, most people don’t have 2 hours a day to put on makeup and do their hair, so I wanted this natural look to represent that.  While I was shooting, Steve brought up the idea to show the pictures to Hef.  I got kind of nervous because the pictures aren’t really Playboy material, but it was more of a business thing.  Maybe I could try to get an ad in Playboy.  So I took that idea and ran with it, I drove my butt up to the mansion!  I set up a business meeting with Hef to talk about my Love Candy line.  I wanted to pitch him the idea to run an ad in Playboy for my line.  I’ve NEVER represented myself in this way around Hef before so this was definitely something new.

What Hank is doing right now with his career move is EXACTLY what I saw him doing the whole time!  Yea, of course he can always host and act, but what he’s doing with the workout facility is exactly what Hank should be doing.  He’s perfect for that job and I’ve never seen Hank happier or more motivated in the whole time I’ve known him.  Hank has a job where he is working everyday now. From 7am-5pm.  I’m so proud of him! Buttttt I definitely miss seeing him around the house 🙂

As for having another baby…I guess you’ll have to just wait and see 😉