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Kendra On Episode 8 and 9: New York Kendra & The Empire Statement

Getting invited to do a photo shoot on top of the Empire State Building was such an honor for me and such an amazing experience. It was my first time on top of the Empire State Building, and I didn’t even care how high it was because it was so beautiful. But having to leave Little Hank for a week is something else… Of course I dragged my husband Hank with me to NYC but it ended up being a good thing he came. The mixture of not being with Little Hank for a week and the thought of Hank still in transition with his career took a toll on me, and it made me a little emotional. At least we got to see our friends Julie and Jon from Philly and that helped me out a lot. Getting word I was going to Nashville for more work was exciting too but it also made me a little uneasy because I was really missing Little Hank.  On top of that, my birthday was a few days away and I really wanted to be with family.