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Kendra’s Still Got It

The Halloween party was my first official party back at the Mansion since living there so the last thing I wanted to do was dress like a “MOM.” With that being said, I was so stressed out about what to wear until… Hef sent out a tweet to the world that I was coming to the Mansion with my body painted like the old days. I seriously had to make a decision on what to do. Remembering that I met Hef with my body painted my very first time at the Mansion, my first thought was it would be fun to relive old times but I actually didn’t really want to because I’m living in my new image. I didn’t really know what to do and there were reasons I did and didn’t want to do it.

Time was passing and I really needed to make a decision so I started thinking I had nothing to wear and since I had a photo shoot that day I didn’t have time to go shopping so I would have to borrow from Jessica. The issue with borrowing from Jessica was she looked great but the extra costume she had did not look great on me. With nothing to wear I had a decision to make, to look kind of frumpy or to take a chance and have my body painted one more time in my life. After some serious thinking I definitely believe I made the right decision but “OOPS!” I forgot to tell everyone else in my life my little secret decision, including my husband.

Now, the time has come and I go and get my body painted and I go out to surprise Hank by taking off my robe and flaunting my fit & toned painted body to show off my costume for the evening… not realizing I completely forgot to tell him. If that wasn’t enough of a shock, it was Hank and his friends first time at the Mansion so they were not used to seeing my boobs. So I put my husband and his friends in an awkward situation… I’m used to it.

In the end, I put my robe back on right after showing off; which was the plan all along. The goal of the night was to show everyone I’ve still got it. In reality, I’m really loving the new me and my new life. Being a mom and devoted wife has brought so much joy into my world. I wouldn’t give it up for anything… On to the next chapter.