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Top 10 Ways to Become a Modern Mom

From planning a hip family outing to calling a girls night out, check out top 10 chic ways you can (and should) keep up with the times.

Make time for the ex’s: Sex, text and exfoliate. Remember you cared about your significant other, gossiping with your friends and how you looked before you had kids so make time for it now.

DVR your favorite programs: Did you just find out Lost ended or Conan is no longer the host of The Tonight Show? Don’t let your favorite shows pass you by just because you’re too busy to watch them right now. Once the kids are asleep veg out and hit play.

Network: From learning about the coolest kids gear to the latest recalls, the best insider info comes from real moms. You can meet them at kid classes, parks even on the street.

Take a class or seminar: You’re already great at being a mom so now’s the time to become an expert at something else. From tennis lessons to interior design, look into fulfilling a goal that you always wanted to achieve.

Dress to impress: Running a simple errand? Toss the sweat pants and stained T-shirt and put on a cute dress or jeans. You’ll realize how quick it is to look polished and get things done.

Stay on trend: Don’t have time to shop? Do all your clothes hunting online. Find out the websites of your favorite stores and stay connected to the pulse of fashion by checking for new arrivals and signing up for their newsletters.

Read anything!: Whether you love tabloid magazines, the daily newspaper or mystery novels it’s important to stay up-to-date with pop culture and current events.

Stay fit: Don’t fall into the pitfalls of eating poorly and not exercising. You’re not expected to enter a triathlon, but lead and teach your kids by example. They’ll love going for bike rides or walks with you.

Talk to your kids: There is nothing cooler than a mom who has real conversations with her kids. Ask them about their day or find out what type of music they like. You’ll be surprised about how much you can teach and learn from them (and vice versa).

Throw a party: Friends and cocktails is a nice way to reward yourself and relax at the same time. A doting mom by day and chic hostess at night raises the question is there anything you can’t do? And the answer is NO!

Hope Daniels is a freelance writer based out of the tri-state area. From pets to parenting to pop culture, you can ask her to write about any life topics, just dont ask her for directions!