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WE Tells All: Kendra On Top, A Star Is Born

This week, Kendra decides to get Lil’ Hank involved in acting and modeling.

First off, how cute is Lil’ Hank?  There is no doubt that he has the looks to be a child star, and the personality to go with it.  However, when is too young to get into this business?  As Marki said, it’s very competitive, and 99% of the time your small toddler has to deal with rejection.  With children being fragile at this age, it must be very difficult to decide whether your child is ready.

I remember when I was little, my mother used to take me to Sears each year for a portrait with my brothers.  We would be dressed in our holiday attire (usually our Easter best since my mother always chose this time to get new pictures) early on a Saturday morning, and expected to smile and act like well behaved children.  This was to assure we could get all the pictures we needed in the shortest amount of time.  Not only is your attention span nonexistent as a kid, but it was also early in the morning on a day that is normally reserved for something fun.  It used to be the worst!

This is why I relate to Lil’ Hank when Kendra took him for his head shots.  Besides playing with the dogs, Lil’ Hank was not having fun.  The poor little guy even tried to leave!  It’s hard at any age to get a child to sit still for 5 minutes, so a photo shoot is definitely a large task.  Luckily, Kendra used the old parenting secret of bribery to get Lil’ Hank to pose.  And there is nothing wrong with that!

If anyone is going to be a child star, we definitely think it will be Lil’ Hank.  However, now may not be the right time.

Do you think Hank and Co. were right to be hesitant about Lil’ Hank getting involved in acting and modeling?  Do you think sports may be a better activity to get Lil’ Hank involved in at this age?  Was it a good idea to get Rich’s opinions and tips on the industry?