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WE Tells All: Kendra On Top Finale

Who else was sad to watch the last episode of Kendra On Top last night?  WE feel like we have gotten to know Kendra so well this season, and just love the dynamic between her, Hank, and Lil’ Hank!

Knowing that the Love Candy line is so important to Kendra, WE think it was an awesome idea model her line herself!  As many women can understand, it is difficult to remain comfortable with you current body type when all you see in magazines and on TV are extreme versions of “fit” or “thin”.  However, all us die-hard Kendra fans know that it has been a struggle and a long battle for Kendra to regain her pre-baby body.  Along the way despite frustrations and set backs, Kendra has always tried to remain positive and dedicated to achieving her goal.

WE are glad to see the season end on such a positive note!  Kendra always s reinforces that women should be healthy and happy with their bodies, and WE are so glad she felt this way when it came to a line she is extremely proud of.

Check out our photo gallery for images from this episode and Kendra’s fab photo shoot