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WE Tells All: Kendra On Top, Kendra Goes Back to School

Kendra looks for the perfect pre-school for Lil’ Hank (and the perfect pre-school interview appropriate attire) and gets very overwhelmed by the process.

Lil’ Hank is one smart two year old!  KOTQuote: “He is two and a half, going on 21.”  This kid breezes through his colors like a champ, and you can see how proud Hank and Kendra are of him.  Hank thinks Kendra is going to have a hard time with Lil’ Hank going to pre-school.  KOTQuote: “You’re gonna have a heart attack.  You’re gonna be so sad.”  These parents need help finding the perfect pre-school for this little genius!

Kendra takes Lil’ Hank to the park to hang out with Bethany and her daughter, Lexi.  Kendra asks Bethany for her help and pre-school expertise.  Bethany fills Kendra in on applications, deposits and waitlists, and Kendra is SHOCKED.  KOTQuote: “You really have to get started.”  KOTQuote: “This ain’t no club!  This is pre-school!”  Bethany also tells Kendra the interview process is just as much the school interviewing the parents, as it is the parents interviewing the school.  Kendra wonders what she would respond to the question, “What is your profession?” KOTQuote: “I would probably say entrepreneur.  But, how do you spell that?”  Kendra just hopes no one Googles her!

Kendra goes shopping with Jessica for pre-school interview appropriate attire.  KOTQuote: “Wow this is more PTA.  I’m not there yet.”  Kendra wants to make sure she is seen as a powerful mom who can’t be messed with.  KOTQuote: “You’re gonna look fab for your interviews.”  Unfortunately, Hank can’t attend the two interviews Kendra has lined up with two potential pre-schools, but there is no way Hank can give up this role.  This could be his big break!  KOTQuote: “That’s alright babe.”

Kendra goes to the first pre-school and is greeted by Mr. Bob.  Kendra fills out the appropriate paperwork, and is given some literature about the school and its program.  Mr. Bob seems to be giving Kendra the full tour, and not leaving out one detail.  WE hope Kendra can remember all this.

Hank arrives for his first movie roll with plenty of wardrobe choices.  KOTQuote: “I don’t feel like it’s the pressure of the movie I’m thinking about, its more so the pressure from the family and that I put on myself because I want this to be the beginning of my new career; the new Hank.”  WE hope Hank’s nerves don’t get the best of him.

Kendra goes to visit the second school with much more confidence.  She is ready to ask the hard hitting questions and find the perfect fit for Lil’ Hank.  KOTQuote: “I knew what to ask.  I knew what to look for, and what to look at.”  Kendra is very impressed by School #2’s sports program.  KOTQuote: “I want him to play!”

Once Hank arrives home from set, Kendra fills him in on the pre-school process.  KOTQuote: “I felt like I needed to go to school in preparation of putting Lil’ Hank in a pre-school.”  Kendra can’t decide on one school, and she has lined up another interview at a third school.  However, she needs Hank there with her.  KOTQuote: “We’ll develop a plan of action and we’ll do it as a team.”  Kendra and Hank bring Lil’ Hank to the third school in the running, but all Lil’ Hank wants to do is play!  Luckily, there is a room full of goodies for him to play with.  And as for the interview process, Kendra seems to be rockin’ it on her own!  Good job, Kendra!  You’re an awesome mom!

Back at home, Kendra and Hank sit down with some wine and try and make a pre-school decision.  Hank loves the education portion of the schools, which lines up with their old school parenting values.  KOTQuote: “This is a big decision. This is so much pressure.  What are we looking for?”  Out of all three schools, Kendra can only see Lil’ Hank running around and learning at one place.  After some tears and some shared stories they are confident with their decision (as difficult as it may be to let go).

Kendra and Hank bring Lil’ Hank to his first day of pre-school at the Montessori School, and he is so excited to make new friends.  In the end, Kendra and Hank felt more comfortable with their program and their preparation.  KOTQuote: “I can call it a bittersweet time.”  Lil’ Hank is so excited, and it looks like he is really going to be happy with Kendra and Hank’s decision.  KOTQuote: “Team Lil’ Hank!”  KOTQuote: “Team Baskett-cases!”

Do you think Kendra and Hank made the right decisions?  How did Hank do in his interview?  WE want to know what you think!