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WE Tells All: Kendra On Top, Kendra Takes Miami

Kendra takes advantage of a business trip to Miami, and invites her girls to come along.  However, this minor business trip turns into more than she was bargaining for.

Kendra has a book signing in Miami, and Hank would rather stay home, catch up with Travelle and have some father/son time with Lil’ Hank.  This is the perfect opportunity for Kendra to sneak in a little pleasure with all her business obligations.  Girls trip!  KOTQuote: “Do you know what happens in Miami?  Party and dance!”

Kendra and Jessica arrive in Miami.  KOTQuote: “There’s some hot ass bitches here, and we’re adding to it.”  Bethany arrives the next morning, and the girls plot to get her drunk for the first time.  The girls want to hit up the beach, the pool, and fit in a little shopping.  KOTQuote: “Time to party!”  After settling in, this crazy duo heads out to grab a bite to eat.  Leave it to Kendra to bring up interesting topics of conversation.  KOTQuote: “Why is it called buffalo mozzarella?  Is it because its from Buffalo, NY?  Or is it because the cheese comes from an actual buffalo?”  As Kendra reaches to do a quick Google search, Kira calls with some scheduling updates.  Kendra will now be doing a radio interview at Power 96 at 9:15, which means an 8 a.m. wakeup call for this former bunny!  Kendra recognizes the importance of promotion, and looks on the bright side; she can give the interview, have her book signing, and still have the rest of the day and night to live it up in Miami.  KOTQuote: “Makes sense.”

Bethany arrives early in the morning, and the girls are ready to go.  Pop the cork!  KOTQuote: “I needed a breath of fresh air to start my day.”  Kendra fills Bethany in on their master plan… to get Bethany drunk!  She promises to keep up with Kendra and Jessica, and go drink for drink with them.  This should be interesting.

Kendra does her interview at Power 96 with DJ J.P., and is excited to just be herself.  With Kendra proclaiming her love for creepy fans, caller number one dials in asking what Kendra’s book is about.  KOTQuote: “Cribs, cocktails, and getting my sexy back.  That’s all you need to know.”  Between talks of book signings, ass signings, and hairy butts it is shaping up to be an interesting interview and definitely an interesting book signing.  KOTQuote: “You need a razor, and a Sharpie.”  WE are officially grossed out!  Kira checks in between interview and book signing, and schedules an additional interview with the Miami Herald and a LIV Nightclub appearance.  KOTQuote: “I get it.  Work’s work.”

Jessica and Bethany relax on the beach while Kendra is slaving away.  As they toast to a girls weekend, Kendra shows up to break the news to the girls that she has more work to do.  The girls are majorly disappointed, but Kendra assures them it will be fun.  The girls are also super excited for Kendra’s appearance at LIV, and agree to come to the club and party while Kendra hosts.

Back in L.A., Travelle and Hank are hanging at the house doing some grillin’ and talking about Travelle’s new fitness center opportunity.  Travelle doesn’t want to do this alone, so he invites Hank to get involved in the training center.  KOTQuote: “We gotta move on it, like now.”  Hank is honored to be involved in this opportunity, since Travelle is the best of the best when it comes to NFL trainers.

The girls relax before their big night out by getting massages, but are disappointed that Kendra is not joining them.  Jessica is going over the drinking game plan as they relax, and Bethany looks a little worried.  KOTQuote: “Girlfriend, if I had four shots, I would probably not be standing.”

Back at the hotel, Kendra is exhausted from her crazy work schedule.  KOTQuote: “Don’t you dare treat this as a vacation for me!”  Kendra runs through her crazy schedule with Hank, and Hank promises Kendra a girls weekend once she is done with all her promotion.  Kendra is excited for Hank’s new training facility involvement, but the conversation is cut short when hair and makeup arrives.  Jessica and Bethany head to Kendra’s room to hang out while she gets ready.  KOTQuote: “I’m gonna live this bitch up.”  After having a good laugh over Jessica’s saggy boobs, it looks like the girls are just ready ot get down and party.

KOTQuote: “It’s time to get down.  It’s time to party and not give a f*ck.”  The girls arrive to a hyped crowd that is as pumped as they are.  Let the girl’s weekend festivities begin!  The girls waste no time getting their drink on.  The girls kiss their memories goodbye as they load up on shots and mixed drinks.  KOTQuote: “Mission accomplished.  We got Bethany drunk as f*ck.”

Kendra arrives back home in time for Mother’s Day, and Lil’ Hank greets her with a rose.  How sweet is that beautiful little boy?!  KOTQuote: “My son is so sweet and so thoughtful.  And so is his dad.”  Overall, Kendra thinks this weekend was a success between the work she accomplished and the fun she had with the girls.  WE agree… Girl’s weekend was a success!

Do you think Girl’s Weekend was success?  How would you spend your time in Miami; work or play?  Do you think the training opportunity with Travelle is right for Hank?  WE want to hear from you!