Kendra's Top 10 Tips on How to Keep a Marriage "Spicy"

Kendra and Hank have managed to figure out how to maintain their exciting love life while having Little Hank around. So we asked Kendra for her top 10 tips!

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  • 1
    Make time for each other.

    Date night is SO important!

  • 2

    Make sure you communicate what you want to each other in every part of your relationship.

  • 3
    Quickies are key!!!


  • 4
    Make romance a priority.

    Even if you have to remind yourself to do the small things, romance it up some more!

  • 5
    Try new things!

    I created my LoveCandy line for that exact purpose!  Try out edible lotions, aphrodisiac infused products, etc.

  • 6
    Find things that you can do just the two of you.

    Even if it’s a sport or a special place to visit, make it your thing, that way every time you go there or do the activity it feels special.

  • 7
    Dress like it’s your first date again

    On a special day or night dress to impress! 

  • 8
    Utilize any time you can spare.

    If you have kids while they're napping take a minute to just talk, or anything else you want ;), or even if you have a break from work!

  • 9
    Surprise each other!

    Whether it’s some unexpected sexy lingerie or even just cooking each other’s favorite meal out of nowhere. 

  • 10
    Sexy messages!!!!

    Texts, notes, anything to get a reminder throughout the day that you are thinking of them.