Kendra's Top 10 Tips on How to Stay Fit and Keep That Sexy Lingerie Body

Kendra's post-baby body is even better than her pre-baby one and she's ready to share her top 10 tips that have helped her get back to looking sexy in her lingerie for Hank!

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  • 1

    Drink lots of water, before meals and throughout the day.  It will keep you hydrated and will also make you feel more full.

  • 2
    Find a workout that fits to YOU

    You will then enjoy doing it.  The less it’s a chore the more you want to do it.

  • 3
    Get outside!

    Gyms are great but the fresh air is not only good for the mind, but it is also great motivation for you to increase your activity time!

  • 4
    Snack throughout the day.

    The more I nibble on things throughout the day the less hungry I am so I don’t eat HUGE meals.

  • 5
    Ditch the scale!

    With scales you think you need to hit a number, however your look and how things fit will make you feel accomplished.

  • 6
    Switch up your workouts.

    It’s another way to make it feel like less of a chore.  If I do cardio one day I’ll do yoga the next so it never feels boring.

  • 7
    Try avoiding sugary juices & make your own

    I LOVE juicing because you can put all kinds of great fresh fruit and veggies in there without the fake sugar.

  • 8
    Portion control! Don't deprive yourself.

    Have what you want but in small amounts. You’ll satisfy your cravings without overindulging.

  • 9
    Sleep! LOL!

    We crave sugar and food to wake us up.  If you’re not tired though you won’t feel that as much.

  • 10
    I LOVE spray tans lol!

    When I have some color on me I feel like I instantly look a little more toned.