Sneak Peek

A Star is Born

Season 1, Episode 7
Aired 6.26.12

After Little Hank steals the show at his first Hollywood Premiere red carpet, Kendra and Hank contemplate whether or not they should get him an agent. Show Full Recap

The Basketts are invited to the Hollywood premiere of the 3D family feature, To The Arctic, starring Meryl Streep. But when Little Hank steals the show on the red carpet, Kendra begins to wonder if he could be a future movie star himself. He’s been photographed in public since he was born, making him a natural in front of the cameras. After some discussion, Kendra and Hank ask their agent Kira for help in setting up a meeting with a kids’ talent agency.  Kendra takes Little Hank to the agent meeting and is showered with compliments. Who could resist such an adorable child – or take their eyes off that head of incredible curls? The agents agree that their clients will love him, too. After a session with a headshot photographer, Kendra is starting to embrace the idea of Little Hank in show business more and more. Hank, however, begins to have second thoughts. After hearing some of the drawbacks for kids in Hollywood from his hosting coach, Marki Costello, and straight up negative feedback from his friend Travelle about how sports would be the manlier route for Little Hank, Hank sits Kendra down for a more objective conversation. As they weigh the pros and cons, they still can’t quite come to an agreement on what to do… but Kendra comes up with an idea. She knows someone who just might have the best advice. The two take their son to a meeting with television director and ex-child star, Rich Correll, who ultimately convinces them that maybe Little Hank isn’t ready for the demands of show biz quite yet. The family returns home to find that Little Hank’s headshots have arrived. Despite how great the pictures turned out, Kendra and Hank are satisfied with their decision to take some time to let their son grow up a little more and ultimately let him decide what he wants when the time is right.

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