Sneak Peek

Fore Play

Season 1, Episode 6
Aired 7.3.12

Kendra tees off at Hank’s celebrity golf scramble to benefit lung cancer research. A few shanks and duffs later, Kendra loses it as she struggles not to ruin Hank’s big day. Show Full Recap

Kendra tees off alongside Hank as he hosts the first annual “Hank Baskett Classic” – Hank’s own celebrity-studded golf scramble to benefit lung cancer research, in honor of his father. Recognizing all of Hank’s hard work, Kendra decides to find a gift to honor him. Unfortunately, gift-giving is not Kendra’s forte, so she really wants to put in the effort for this special occasion. When the event begins, celebrities such as John “Spider” Sally, David Justice and Kris Humphries come out for a great day of golf and good cheer. But the good-natured game play brings out Kendra’s competitive side. Considering herself a great athlete, when there’s a chance to compete, Kendra wants to win. After a few shanks and duffs, Kendra quickly loses her cool and struggles not to let her frustration ruin Hank’s big day. Kendra and the rest of the team pull together to finish strong before Hank honors his dad with a touching speech and an award. After returning home, Kendra surprises Hank with the perfect gift.

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