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Guess Who’s Coming To Calabasas?

Season 1, Episode 3
Aired 6.12.12

Kendra and Hank have Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends over to their home for the first time for a special dinner party. Show Full Recap

After months of renovating, Kendra decides it's time to invite a very special guest to dinner - Hugh Hefner. But it is not as easy as a simple invitation - Hef requires a ton of pre-planning to accommodate his quirks and eccentricities. He only eats certain foods and his potato chips cannot be broken. After calling, Hef's personal assistant, Kendra finds out there is an even bigger hitch to arranging the visit - Hef will only travel to her home by helicopter. The problem - there is no place to land it. In a state of panic, Kendra enlists her family and friends to help her pull this party off.

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