Sneak Peek

Homeward Rebound

Season 1, Episode 13
Aired 7.24.12

Kendra is forced to confront her troubled past on a trip home to San Diego. Show Full Recap

An invitation to speak with a group of teenage girls at the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego forces Kendra to confront her troubled past. Kendra turns to Hank for advice, who encourages her to share her powerful story. While Hank stays in L.A. with their son, Kendra makes the trek to her hometown, San Diego. Her confidence is further shaken when old wounds are reopened with her mom and grandmother. But a confidence-boosting call with Hank restores Kendra's resolve. When Kendra finally arrives at the Boys and Girls Club the next day, she is faced with a room full of indifferent teenage girls. Kendra wins them over, after opening up about her drug abuse and being abandoned by her father. She delves deeper and also shares how she ran away from home and nearly died after overdosing from drugs. She tells the girls this close call changed her life for the best. Reflecting on her past turns out to not only be helpful and inspiring to the girls, but also very therapeutic for Kendra. Afterward, she goes back to her mom’s house and thanks her and her grandmother for always being there for her and loving her despite their challenges. Much to Kendra's chagrin, her mom points out she’ll probably face the same challenges with Little Hank, someday. But Kendra declares, not if she can help it because she knows all the tricks.

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