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Kendra Goes Back to School

Season 1, Episode 5
Aired 6.19.12

Baby Hank's ready for school, but is Kendra?  The preschool process includes parental interviews, but  Kendra worries she will be judged for her wild ways.  Will friend Bethany calm her nerves? Show Full Recap

Little Hank is big enough to go to preschool, but Kendra doesn’t know where to start. When she meets with her friend Bethany for guidance, she realizes she is already behind the eight ball – the preschool process in Southern California has its own set of rules – including parental interviews. Kendra worries she will be judged for her wild ways. She has just days to get things together as she rushes around to meet admissions deadlines and book meetings with potential preschools. But, Kendra finds out she must go alone after Hank has a schedule conflict – he is shooting his first movie role. After braving two schools alone, Kendra puts her foot down.

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