Sneak Peek

Kendra Takes Miami

Season 1, Episode 4
Aired 6.19.12

Kendra takes Miami!  Kendra heads to sunny Florida to promote her new book and to party with her girlfriends.  Plus, Hank is offered a once in a lifetime business opportunity.  What is it? And will he accept it? Show Full Recap

Kendra gets a call from her agency, with some exciting news: Kendra's going to Miami to promote her book, “Being Kendra” at a book signing. Hank begs out of the trip, so Kendra decides to invite her girlfriends and make it a wild girls' weekend. But as soon as the women arrive, Kendra's publicist calls with more bookings. While Kendra works, her friends play. Kendra’s attempts to party are thwarted at every turn. But when she gets creative and figures out a way to join the fun before it’s over, the party really begins. Meanwhile, back in Calabasas, Travelle offers Hank a once in a lifetime business opportunity.

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