Sneak Peek

LoCash Kendra

Season 1, Episode 11
Aired 7.17.12

Kendra gets down and dirty shooting a sexy music video in Nashville; Hank is conflicted after he finds out Kendra will be mud wrestling. Show Full Recap

Kendra gets a brutal wake up call at five AM. She’s in Nashville, it’s her birthday, and she has a long day ahead of her on the LoCash Cowboys music video shoot. Things perk up quickly as she rides out to the shoot in her very own, fully loaded tour bus – beds included. Kendra arrives to the backwoods video set and is driven out to the mud bog. At some point during the shoot, Kendra’s going to have to get dirty. Fortunately, her first scene is simply sitting in a pick up truck looking sexy - no problem there. She exchanges some high fives and playful “mudslinging” with the LoCash Cowboys, Chris and Preston. Still dirt free, cameras roll on as Kendra dances with the guys in front of a souped-up ATV, complete with American flags. Now this is what she signed on for! Heading back to the mud bog for the final set ups, sexy extras mingle in the knee-deep bog as Kendra puts her stick shift lesson to the test. Kendra drives an open Jeep through the mud, splashing onlookers as she speeds past. Preston suggests Kendra lose the tank top and shoot the last scene in her bikini. Kendra wants to play ball, but after conferring with Kira, the tank top stays on. Once the mud fight begins, it’s just as hot and sexy with clothes on as clothes off. Kendra finally gets dumped in the mud and pushes both LoCash Cowboys into the brown goop as well. The shoot wraps with hugs and pictures, and everyone is happy with the end result – a great, sexy video. Kendra returns to her hotel, tired and ready to call it a day. As she walks through the door, she finds the ultimate birthday surprise waiting for her.

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