Sneak Peek

Picture Perfect

Season 1, Episode 14
Aired 7.31.12

Kendra is forced into a showdown with an old rival and fears she is too flabby to represent her lingerie line in a photo shoot. Hank races against the clock to prepare for the opening of his new gym. Show Full Recap

While planning a photo shoot for her Love Candy collection, Kendra fears she’s too out of shape to model her own line and decides to hire models instead. Kendra meets with Playboy photographer Steve Wayda, who surprises her with sultry photos from one of her past pictorials. The gorgeous photos inspire Kendra to be her own model. But no sooner does she break a sweat at the gym, she finds herself face-to-face with an old rival --her former Dancing with the Stars partner, Louis Van Amstel! Their relationship took a hit after she slammed him in her last book. The chance encounter becomes a tense showdown as Louis challenges Kendra to come to his dance workout class so he can “kill” her. Kendra takes Louis on in his class, matching him step for step. Meanwhile, Hank and Travelle are working hard preparing for the opening of their new gym. As the clock ticks down to the ribbon cutting, the gym is still not finished. After burying the hatchet with Louis, Kendra readies for her Love Candy shoot. Amidst the glitz and glamour, Kendra struggles to find the right look for her line. Once she nails it, Kendra is so happy with the results she decides to take it to the next level and bring it to Playboy. Kendra and Hank also decide to take their family life to the next level and work on a sibling for little Hank.

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