Sneak Peek

Risque Business

Season 1, Episode 12
Aired 7.24.12

Kendra tests new additions to her adult accessory kit, Love Candy. Hank moves forward with his next career after Travelle reveals a new training location. Kendra pressures Hank to get a contract. Show Full Recap

Kendra and Hank guest star on Dr. Drew’s live television show, but during the interview, callers primarily ask Kendra all the questions. On the ride home, Hank reveals that he feels like arm candy. Kendra pressures him to figure out his career path. The next day, Kendra reviews new additions to her Love Candy line. Models show off sexy thong options while Kendra indulges in the various flavors of her edible body butter. She and her associates look at the third new addition: vibrators! Across town, Hank meets his buddy and former trainer, Travelle Gains, at a gym facility. The two have been developing plans to partner in a fitness company together. Travelle says this is the spot – the location of their first gym - and he plans to expand it into a franchise! Hank is ecstatic. Travelle invites him and Kendra out to a celebratory dinner. Back home, Hank tells Kendra the great news.  She is elated and proud but wants to know when the contract will be signed. Later that night at dinner, Kendra, Hank, Travelle and Travelle’s lawyer, Lee, toast to the new business venture. Hank is given the official paperwork. It’s finally real, and Kendra couldn’t be more proud of her husband. After dinner, Kendra has a special congratulatory surprise for Hank – samples from her new and improved Love Candy line. Let the sampling begin.

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