Sneak Peek

Workin’ It

Season 1, Episode 1
Aired 6.5.12

Kendra wakes up late for a photo shoot, streaks and goes clubbing with her girls until three in the morning. No longer a pro-football player, Hank explores TV hosting as his next career move. Show Full Recap

Kendra meets with her agents to discuss taking her career to the next level now that she's got her body back! Booked for a sexy photo shoot and feeling like her old self again, Kendra is ready to dive back into work. Kendra's former co-star, Holly Madison, also pays a visit and gets a tour of the newly remodeled Baskett home and dishes about old times. Meanwhile, now that he's finished with the NFL, Hank sets out to prove to Kendra he can be a successful host and actor. Kendra promises to wake up with Little Hank so her husband can go on his first audition, but doesn't come home until 3 AM. All plans are up in the air when Kendra thinks she's pregnant, takes a home test and comes up with double lines.

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