Sneak Peek

Sons of Beaches

Season 3, Episode 12
Aired 11.14.14

When Hank brings Little Hank to Costa Rica, Kendra has mixed feelings. She’s excited to introduce Little Hank to his grandpa, but worried her marital problems will ruin her long overdue reunion with her dad.  Show Full Recap

Kendra learns more about her dad, Eric, after meeting some of his friends in Costa Rica.  With Hank and little Hank on their way, Kendra is concerned that her happy reunion may derail. She’s excited that her son will meet his grandpa, but she doesn’t want her marital problems to stir up trouble. When Hank and little Hank arrive, things are awkward. A trip to the beach gives Eric a taste of what his daughter’s life is like - and an opportunity to ask Hank what is really going on.  

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