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The Son-In-Law Also Rises

Season 3, Episode 13

After a dream-come-true meeting with her father, Kendra feels complete.  But her happiness is quickly crushed when she learns that her mom has been trashing her on social media while she was away.  Show Full Recap

Kendra and her dad, Eric, grow closer when he’s honest about his past mistakes, but she still worries that their dream-come-true reunion will end in disappointment. Eric advises Kendra and Hank that the decisions they make now will impact the rest of their lives. After a tearful goodbye, Kendra returns home to discover that her mom, Patti, has posted hurtful comments about their relationship while she was away.  Crushed by her mom’s actions, Kendra questions Patti’s motives and vows ‘it’s over.”  

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